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  R&D Center

  The enterprise R&D center was established in 2004 and awarded as the City-level Technology Center of Qingdao in 2008.

  The R&D center has the following nine offices: administration office, design office, programming office, technology office, inspection office, physical and chemical laboratory, etc. It has a high-quality professional talent team made up of 40 engineering technicians. The center mainly works at the design and R&D of such products and crafts as casting products, automotive moulds, checking jig and fixtures, special refitted car, cabin and cargo body weld, electrophoresis coating, interior assembly. In addition, it owns advanced R&D facilities and software, including over 40 sets of professional computers with large capacity and high configuration, high-quality blueprint machines, color printers, scanner as well as some programming software, like AUTOCAD, CAM, CAE, CIMATEON and UG. Besides, the center has all kinds of engineering equipment and facilities for detection, like spectrum analyzer, computer carbon and sulfur analyzer, universal test machine, coordinate measuring machine, large-scale tryout presses, CNC milling machines of model and machining center.

  With technology as the guide and innovation as motive force, the center has undertaken many R&D tasks and made great achievements on the basis of its abundant technology experience and R&D ability. It has more than 50 innovation projects gaining the national patents for invention. Besides, the center’s design and exploitation ability has been accepted and learned by counterparts in their technical exchange.


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